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Google unveils plan for voterless democracy

03, Jun 2014 By kkaluskar

Mountain View Company, best known for making sure internet is working and for coming up with relevant Wikipedia pages for engineering course projects, has now started working on voter less democracy.

Google has a history of venturing into innovative and potentially disruptive products. It has previously developed a userless social network (an internal memo accessed by this reported found that ‘r’ was a typo which stuck, nonetheless both name would have been true) and recently launched a driverless cars where no drivers are installed thereby eliminating need for automatic rebooting.

Think out of the box.

Google has been facing stiff competition from Facebook, another silicon valley based company which allows user to stalk other users. Internal study conducted by Google revealed increased user enthusiasm on Facebook during recently held Indian general election.

With many states in India going to election in coming time, and many times after that, founders at Google have taken a long term view by working on voter less democracy.

On condition of anonymity, a Google executive involved in this project confirmed and said they are getting full support from Indian political parties, particularly AAP whose leader who was shocked to find that ‘Desh ki janta Modi ke sath mili hui hai’.

INC has supported the idea on condition of Rahul Baba and his speeches on women, their empowerment, and state of mind being first search result whenever anyone searches something in form of a question.

On being asked for a comment on this plan, congress spokesperson said that party has always maintained that voting is nothing but just a state of mind. BJP, still unable to figure out where did they fucked up to land up with so many seats and now have no idea what excuses to make when they fail to fulfill their election manifesto given that they have no coalition pressure excuse to rely on, does not want to take a second chance.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO did not seem much perturbed though. “Indian democracy has never been a voter driven democracy. It is family, caste, money, liquor, anything but voter driven. We have known this before and whole purpose of Facebook was to make people believe what they always wanted to believe that they have a say in Indian election by providing them a virtual wall where they can paint their political belief, just like Indian political parties paint real wall with hollow slogans,” said Mark, sitting next to Teja.

While plan is out, there is still not much information how Google will pursue this. It can substitute real voters with its robots from Boston Dynamics or use algorithms developed at Deep Mind to figure out who should be in the new council of ministers.

A notable development, after this announcement, was investment of an undisclosed amount by private equity firm into Radia’s company which has previous experience in ministry formation without involvement of voters.

Constitutional expert were unanimous in their view, after searching in Google, that there are no hindrance in this approach which a small constitutional amendment can’t take care of.

“It will still be for the people, just little off and bye to people,” said one of the expert. Amazon, not to be left behind, has started working on adding a ‘buy’ to the democracy.

Jeff Bezos said they have been working on a same day, drone delivered democracy. They have tested this in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Western Pakistan. Flipkart, with no idea how to respond to this, has raised another round of USD 376 Million.