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Google renames YouTube to ModiTube: The Modi Effect

01, Oct 2014 By notaniitian

New York. Sunday the 28th Sep 2014 proved be a landmark in displaying the prowess of Indian diaspora in US with the caucus crowd enchanting Modi – Modi at the Madison Square garden which we know for the movie Godzilla and many WWE events.

But what happened on 29th Sep 2014 virtually sealed to the world that the new India has arrived. The Indian Prime Minister met several CEO’s / Executives for the “Make In India” campaign and the conclusions of the meeting can make every Indian proud. Following are some of the outcomes of the breakfast meeting.

• Eric Schimdt (Google Exec Chairman) was so impressed with Modi’s abilities to pull crowd and use digital media that he was the first one to Support the “Make in India” campaign by declaring will be renamed to

• Though Mark Zuckeburg (Facebook CEO) could not make it to the breakfast as he was working overnight on fixing bugs as Facebook crashed while Modi’s Madison Speech Wisdom was shared. But he attended the daily stand up call and is rumored to rename Facebook to ModiBook while Instagram will be now ModiGram for Indian users.

• Indrani Nooyi (Pepsi CEO) has fired all the marketing consultants and Modi’s marketing staff will now take over the marketing responsibilities. Their first campaign will launch a new product Pepsi-Tea which will be marketed as a Tea which Modi dreamt of while selling tea as a kid.

• Ajay Banga (MasterCard CEO) declared he will be going back to India and will start working on ModiCard which will magically solve all tax problems.

• James McNerney (Boeing CEO) declared to start a new factory in India which will make flying Jugaad to solve the traffic problems of India.

• Virginia Rometty (IBM CEO) declared WATSON their cognitive learning technology will be fit in the brain of every Indian and thus every Indian by default will have the best knowledge available in the world.

• Jeffrey Immelt (GE CEO) got emotional and took an oath to solve Electrical Power Crisis of Uttar Pradesh.

• Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs CEO) pledged he will make every Indian invest and not save which is the usual notion in Indian and the investments will be made till the bubble bursts.

Mr. Modi expressed gratitude and promised every CEO he will show them a new face of India , he will show them marketing strategies which are exclusive secrets and can change how the world sees marketing.

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