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Google maps add new blue roads for Mumbaikars during rain

09, Jul 2017 By shaanakauwa

Google India head office in a new press release has stated, “Google Inc. has decided to add new blue colored roads on its Google Maps especially for the users of Mumbai city, for finding correct directions and shortest possible path during rains in the city to reach their desired destination”, it further stated, “Taking into consideration inconvenience caused to Mumbai users during navigation in rainy season, we have come up with this new update and modification. This new maps is available for all types of OS in mobile phones as well as google maps users on PC”.

Blue Road is certainly need of the hour
Blue Road is certainly need of the hour

Google India head Rajan Anandan announcing the new change stated, “We have been getting a lot of complains from users in Mumbai that they get stuck in a drain or river after seeing green,orange and red marked roads on google maps for reaching a destination, that is when we decided to come up with blue colored roads,designed specifically to indicate water logged roads”, since flooding and water logging of roads are inextricable for the city of Mumbai, we have decided to come up with this new feature on our maps. Mumbaikars can now easily distinguish between a waterway and roadway on its originally built roads to choose the right path to reach his desired destination”.

Welcoming the new move one frequent road traveler in Mumbai Mr. Jalmein Doobey remarked, “We wholeheartedly welcome this long awaited feature from google, we had been demanding this feature ever since we saw google maps first in our city, however we would request them to add Dark blue and light blue colored roads to distinguish between above knee level or below knee level water, so we can decide either to use car or boats from home to reach workplace”, to which google responded quickly and added dark blue color in its latest update further.