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Golgappe wala with neat hands awarded with Bharat Ratna

05, Jan 2014 By chaitu

47 year old local golgappe wala of Delhi, Ramu, who was earlier found with neat hands has been immediately awarded with Bharat Ratna. While some random guy took a picture and posted it on FB, this incident came to light.

Gol Gappe wala striking a pose for shutterbugs.
Golgappe wala striking a pose for shutterbugs.

The pics of Ramu got more likes and shares than Narendra Modi’s Statue of Unity movement. People started sharing Ramu’s pics with #Respect, #Legend,#Truehero hashtags.

After knowing this Ghulam Nabi Azad called for an immediate press meet and said, “As a token of thanks from crores of Indians who eat golgappes(which could have easily turned out to be our national food), we have unanimously decided to award Bharat Ratna to Ramu”.

When FN tried to contact Ramu and congratulate him, he said, “I recently started bathing regularly. Thanks to the free water supply initiative of AAP. Nevertheless the award which took 100 centuries by Sachin, I did it with a bath after centuries.”

A 23 year old guy Chaitanya, who is a regular customer of Ramu talked to FN. His reactions were, “I never thought I could see the dirt free nails of Ramu. Ever since I was 6, I used to eat at Ramu’s place. I generally remember seeing him either with a finger in his nose or scratching his balls or ass. He used to use the same hand to poke a hole in those golgappas without even washing his hands. This came as a shock to me.”

Another 26 year old local guy said, “Not just hands, he never used to wash his plates also, he used to dip them in a bucket full of water and then take them out. I used to even get the remains of onions of the person who ate earlier.”

Another local golgappe wala who talked to FN said, “People often ask me to pour imli-water in their plates, that washes the plates most of the times. There is no point in wasting either soap or water by washing such plates.”

While another Golgappe wala who talked to FN said, “This neat hands and all the buzz will not last long. Once I served people with gloves but people said my golgappes didn’t taste as good as before. I firmly believe, it’s the dirt in our finger nails, the dirty plates of ours and the dust in the pani that adds taste to the golgappes.”