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Gol gappa aka pani puri aka puchka is the best anti-depressent known to mankind: Scientist

11, Aug 2014 By simplydimply

Mumbai- Since ages scientists have strove to find the connection between women and their unflinching commitment for golgappas. But a new research might have just solved their riddle. According to scientists at ‘dhaba gastronomic research center(dgrc)’ golgappas have shown a distinct and unusual characteristic of containment of atomic depression.

“It is similar to a fusion reaction. Crunch, spice, salt, sugar and sour all fused into a one big atom like structure of a golgappa ball. As this structure cracks inside the chamber of your mouth and slips into the main stomach reactor it releases a divine ecstasy like feeling which helps cure depression. Women we all know are way less depressed than men and this might all be due to them being a fiend for golgappas,” professor Chatkumar(researcher) at the center told faking news.

The research has now provided females with impetus to go for another round of irresistible Golgappas. Cheers and bon-appetite Ladies.