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Godwoman Radhe Maa to address startups and entrepreneur meet 2015 in Bengaluru

10, Aug 2015 By newoldblog

Bangalore: Allegations on Radhe Maa the first successful Godwoman, may have rocked the nation but budding entrepreneur Suhash Gahi still in his early teens, is enthralled that Radhe Maa finally accepted the invitation and would soon be in Bangalore to deliver a keynote speech in August. Sources confirmed that Radhe Maa planning to give pointers on Zero Seed Businesses, Angel and Godly Investors, Crowd Funding, and mantras for career change moves.Radhe Maa, whose personal dancing video and pictures from Satsangs went viral on social media, is unfazed, currently taking some time off from her busy schedule to relax.

Radhe Maa with Angel and crowd funders
Radhe Maa with Angel and crowd funders

Maa is really looking forward to attend this event, she has withdrawn her participation from upcoming Shahi Snan (royal bath) in Nasik Kumbh Mela in order to attend the meet in IT city, said Yudhisthira Chauhan Maa’s disciple. However when Maa was asked directly by news channels on how she sees Bangalore as a city and its IT talent, Maa replied “I don’t know nothing about Bangalore but Bobby’s Dhaba, where I ate Aaloo Parantha last year.”

On Zero seed business, Angel and Godly investments and crowd funding: Maa who ventured herself all alone into becoming a spiritual teacher with almost zero investment is a success story itself. She explains how important it is to get crowds (Satsangs in her case), with their very small amounts and donations large capital can be raised with no liabilities towards investors unlike IPOs and public listings. We are a completely debt free organization, now entering into fashion products for spiritual fraternity.

On career switch: Maa stresses on the need of reinventing ones business before it’s too late, Once a small tailor, switched to spirituality with self-study and no formal training in spirituality and public addressing, Bholi Bhali Maiya (भोली भली मईया) took the road less traveled and succeeded. Maa mostly keeps silence but nonetheless followers and revenues are expanding with 23% YOY. V R Sunder, a senior C++ developer in Whitefield area who has been planning to switch to .NET platform for past ten years, now looks joyous after hearing about Radhe Maa remarkable switch.

Meanwhile, the organizers of Indian bridal fashion week 2015 and Delhi and Indian beach fashion week 2015 Goa, are planning to rope in Maa. Nickel Fernandes, president IBFW confirmed it and asserted further, Maa has a brand value and by the way ‘why should only Babas have all the fun!’.

!BholiBhali Radhe Maa Ki Jai!!

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