Monday, 19th February, 2018

God's blessings pervade during Ramadan

03, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Crowded mosques and packed markets continue for one complete month of Ramadan. The Muslims show a strong tendency for the prayers and the spending. Although they draw towards piousness yet their zeal for the poor, the needy and the penniless remain higher in their hearts. It is in this very holy month it becomes uncomplicated for the devout Muslims to observe hours-long fast and pass the whole of the day without water. It is definitely a marvel of this auspicious month. It is not feasible in other normal months. It encourages Muslims to abide by finer deeds in every way. They pray more, spend more and donate more in order to seek Almighty’s blessings. Their prayers enlarge from the start of the month and continue until the month’s end.

They definitely turn into a keen and faithful devotee. They abstain from those impious acts which are forbidden faithfully. Not only they involve themselves into self-purification but also help the poor by handing Zakat (poor-due) and Fitra (alms) amply. A canopy of blessings extends over them throughout this pious month. Otherwise, they would not be able to prepare themselves in accordance with the Quran’s commands. In the sweltering heat of this month, they are shunning food and water from dawn to dusk. No less than sixteen hours they remain detached from the normal habit of eating and drinking water.

Besides they are dutifully performing the daily five times prayer with all the promptness. In addition to these obligations, they are also offering an extra prayer of twenty rakats known as Taraweeh followed by the night-time Isha prayer. The holy month of Ramadan holds value in various ways. Despite this daily obligatory commitment, they do not fail to carry out their routine responsibilities also. It all becomes possible to them despite all other physical involvedness. They seem to secure a unique type of energy in doing all their duties.

It has rightly been said that the month of Ramadan guides every pious Muslims to accomplish what is ordained in the Holy Book. It is an occasion to cleanse body and soul. This month provides full chance to discard imperfect acts, infuse fear of Almighty and crave for forgiveness. It is the right time to seek blessings and benedictions of the Most Compassionate.