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Goa MLAs to go on further foreign trips to study other tourism aspects

13, Jun 2014 By bwoyblunder

After sending MLAs to Brazil to “study” the FIFA 2014 World Cup, Goa CM Manohar Parrikar has sanctioned further similar study tours to various parts of the world:

Manohar Parikar
That’s all.

1. Study tour to Amsterdam

“To study firsthand, the free usage of drugs and its effects on youth, so that MLAs can educate local Goan youth about the ill effects of Drug Abuse.”

2. Study tour to Hawaii

“To study the popular beaches, the activities conducted on beaches, clothes worn/not worn on beaches, so that they can be replicated on Goan beaches, to promote Tourism.”

3. Study tour to Pattaya

“To study how massage parlours operate, their modus-operandi, to help crackdown on local Goan massage parlours.”

4. Study tour to France

“To study the French vineyards, the kind of wines produced, the taste, and the marketability, to replace existing beer business in Goa.”

5. Study tour to Ibiza

“To study the nightlife, experience how parties are organized, to help coach Goan discos and pubs, on how to improve the party scene.”

6. Study tour to Coachella and Woodstock

“To study how the best and biggest music festivals are organized, to give tips to organizers of Sunburn in Goa.”