Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Do we go for 'Kesh' less from cashless?

21, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: On one side there is every attempt to establish cashless society while on another hand there is continuing the confusing tale of ‘kesh’ less’ country. Since the demonetisation days, the government is bent upon bringing everyone on the cashless confines and much change is realised by now. People are diverting to this comparatively fresh choice. There has been marked increase in the cashless transactions through the distinct modes. But despite acknowledging the introduction of the cashless system the common people prefer the traditional structure thereby beginning to fuss a little.

That being a complete economic matter it is better to turn towards a more creaking and rustling fact of the constant braid chopping episodes in the turbulent border state. It is almost daily the reports of the braid chopping are pouring in. One after another woman gets joined by more women as victims of the unpleasant incidents. What was started from Rajasthan, UP, Delhi, Haryana had reached Kashmir valley. Over 200 cases were reported there in about six weeks. There might have been different reasons behind such incidents but what cannot be hidden is the peculiar incidence occurring day in and day out.

The women, who have very long flaxen hairs done up into a large quantity of rather messy curls, appeared to have been an easy target of fiends causing odd act repeatedly. They grasp the parted tress subsequent to their understanding of the weird happening. As a result, they seemed to have quite lost touch with one another now in the way of womanish trepidation. That is why several are astonished and displeased to learn of the poor misfortune that had befallen our women. ‘It never lies’, maintained a woman softly. However, her hubby laughed quietly by saying that the country seemed to be moving from cashless to ‘kesh’ less.