Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Global stone collector goes rogue

19, Mar 2018 By captainameethyst

People are going bonkers over this theory of a foreign man’s obsession with collecting stones for a living. For a brief period of time, people actually believed that this man was from Kashmir and was doing this as his hobby of stone-pelting in Pakistan occupied Kashmir region. Here’s what they believe to be true –

In search of some of the most unusual stones on earth and on other planets, this madman popularly known as The Mad Titan has traveled to places unknown. He has a habit of putting those stones in his shiny glove and bullying good people with his heavy glove. It’s just in the recent past that the timeline has had some glitches and he’s facing serious issues collecting them. Authorities have reported that the missing stone, popularly known as The Rock, has moved into a different universe altogether where it has gained the abilities to go from small to big just by uttering one word. The Russo Brothers have also confirmed that their upcoming movie is not a biopic of an overly obsessed gigantic purple-blooded stone-collector.

Avengers: Infinity War might seem like one such movie. But, it’s not. It is a normal movie with some of the people whose contracts are overdue and the actors are fed up of playing the same characters and bulking themselves up every year for the past 10 years. Though there have been three versions of The Big Green Guy, there’s still hope for the youngest member of Team Avengers. This time he seems to be confident about successfully featuring in a trilogy of his own franchise. But, there are speculations that Infinity War might be his last movie as this would be his third cameo (complete trilogy). Similar speculations have been made about the King of Wakanda. However, the studio doesn’t feel like letting go of any of the Chris characters and are hoping to get more of them in coming days. There are even rumors that Chris Rock would be that guy who can fulfill all the requirements of the studio. He can be the missing stone and the addition to Kevin’s “Chris Collection” as well.