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Girls to wear cap and mask during Viva Exams

30, Oct 2013 By dr.mohitgarg

Mumbai : In a historic judgement hailed as the victory of justice by the male medical students, the Faking News: Doctors Lounge Medical University has made it mandatory for all females to appear for viva exams wearing the hospital cap & mask.

Now such scenes wont be visible during Viva.
Now such scenes wont be visible during Viva.

The domination of female toppers in exams had drawn huge cry against the marking system in the past. Male students often complained that their female counterparts hardly prepared for the exams, were always found discussing clothes and jewellery in the female common room and were not asked many questions in vivas by the pervert male examiners.

Often the girls with a beautiful smile, pretty eyes or a sexy figure would end up getting higher scores than the hard working boys who slog for hours in the college library.

“Just because God was unfair in giving us the curves does not mean we study less”, complained Yashant supported by nodding from hundred other boys. Their voices were unheard for few days until they threatened to boycott the 47 condom machines installed in the hospital campus.

The college management citing financial losses quickly called for a crisis meeting where it was decided to bow down to the unrealistic demands. The news was welcomed by the local tailor Baburao who expects his business to peak due to the foreseen demand of stitched caps and masks.

This judgement which has brought a grin to many pretty faces was cheered by a section of ugly girls too.