Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Girls' power beaten at Spanish locale

02, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: With the culmination of the television programme Khatro Ke Khiladi, we finally came to the end of the women’s power. A deserving male was declared the winner with cash & kind prizes by the sturdy host. The lady contestant waited breathlessly for her probability as the ultimate winner but in vain. Although she was happy over his win yet she could not hide her absolute frustration at the last moment. How could it be utterly avoided that the female contestants were lagging behind in the performance to their male equivalent? They had undergone the same ordeals which the physically strong male contestants tolerated throughout the show.

Despite their naturally weaker constitution, a few capable female contestants remained successful in reaching the final round. Did it not prove their strength, determination and willpower? Though one lady contestant in the final round failed to compete because of her unexpected breathing weakness, this peculiarity was also seen with the male contestant who somehow missed the target in mounting the car’s one-side wheels. Did they remain lesser in the physical muscle power? They were facing the difficult situations for the first time but surmounted them with the same ease and dedication. Very harsh and difficult stunts were capably completed in the pleasant Spanish environment.

The stunts were becoming harder one after another. It was eventually proved in that foreign country that the females were not incompetent against their male counterparts. Very last female in the finalists’ race was none other than the popular TV artiste Henna Khan. However, she realised ultimately dangerous shock after her failure. She seems to have entered the Big Boss house in order to quell her mental frustration. Anyway, her spirit and fearlessness would surely stay up. Her daring stunts and journey till the final fight cannot die down easily.