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Girlfriend dies of foul odour after asking boyfriend to remove his shoes before performing Surya Pranaam

24, Jul 2017 By Faking Feku

Last night, in a rather unfortunate turn of events, a 23 year old girl from Mumbai, has died of foul odour after she asked her boyfriend to remove his shoes before performing Surya Pranaam. The girl (name withheld) had just joined a Fin-Tech company as an analyst after completing her graduation last year, along with her boyfriend.

Her parents are in deep shock as they don’t know how to spend the huge amount of money they saved for their only daughter’s dowry. Her uncle, who is yet to marry, is planning to create a petition on a popular petition platform, urging the government to increase the taxes levied on daily commodities.

Frustrated girlfriend
Frustrated girlfriend

On the other hand, we managed to get a response from the boyfriend himself. The guy has blamed the rains for this mishap. According to the guy (who was also working in the same company), they left the office together comparatively early around 11 PM and went to his girlfriend’s place to perform Surya Pranaam. It has been a regular habit from their college days together, yesterday was no exception. Before the ritual, the girl asked him to remove his socks as she didn’t want to fall under the wrath of Surya Devta. The guy apparently warned her of the odour coming from his wet shoes beforehand, but the girl was quite adamant to accept it as a form of their love.

Further, he regretted that he was planning to buy alternative shoes for monsoon, but recent implementation of GST has prevented him from doing so. Going forward, he plans to devote his life seeking revenge on Indra, the god of rain, so that the rain water can not fill up the potholes lying on the Mumbai streets. The Maharashtra Farmers’ Union has sprung into action to stop him from achieving his future life goals. Also, a few political parties have appealed to the High Court for a law that prevents any Indian girl from having a boyfriend during the rainy season.

We are currently awaiting responses from the higher authorities, watch this space for updates.