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Girlfriend broke up after overeating at Barbeque Nation

18, Jun 2015 By Harsh

Mumbai. Girish a Software engineer from Mumbai was feeling top of the world when he dropped his girlfriend Priya her home, after having a leisurely lunch in Barbeque Nation (An all you can eat restaurant). He came to his room and before he could take some Hajmola he fell on his bed and slept for 8 hours when he woke up around 3 am, he was surprised to see priya’s SMS saying she was no more interested in him.

The villain of Girish and Priya's Love story.
The villain of Girish and Priya’s Love story.

This was a huge shock for him as Priya was the one & only success he ever had in his entire life as far as love is concerned. Priya on the other hand did not bother to explain him the case as to why she took such harsh decision.

Later, when Girish investigated the matter with the help of Priya’s friends, he found Barbeque Nation to be the culprit. Priya who had already spent significant amount to bring down her BMI was too upset that she had consumed more chicken in one lunch than she would normally eat in the entire month. She also ate 2 sticks of paneer cubes, 3 sticks of fish tikka, 2 sticks of prawn, 6Pcs of veg kebab, before proceeding to full buffet meal, topping it with 5 small Gulab Jamun, 1 portion of black forest pastry, 3 slices of watermelon, 1 fruit platter and finally 1 Plate of Malai kulfi.

She somehow managed to reach home with all these supply filled in her stomach but later regretted going there, which according to her was entirely Girish’s fault. As soon as she gained her senses she typed a message that she no longer wish to continue her relationship with a guy who could not take care of her and protect her from onslaught of mega calories.

Girish on the other hand felt cheated by Barbeque Nation which served them large amount of delicious food to eat at once and did not care how customers are eating 25 times of their daily calorie requirement.

Taking lessons from this debacle Girish pledges not to visit any ALL YOU CAN EAT joint ever with a date and spread awareness about how not to eat responsibly.