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How was girl told school's ex-student?

12, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Not one but several girls were denied entry into the posh school ground where the annual P.T. display was underway recently. Some were genuinely denied permission for being ex-students but some interested girls were discarded entry without any genuine reason. The invitation card was given to the school students indicated in bold small letters of the parents’ entry during the programme.  However, the school staff’s stiff stand restricted a good many girls’ direct access to relish yearly show.

A very peculiar case was seen at the school gate when one mother and one sister of the school’s authentic student did not get entry simply because the man in tie and pant was not ready to accept what was vehemently rejected by the girl. He was insisting upon her this prestigious school’s ex-student. The girl happened to be a bonafide senior student of St. Joseph’s School here. She even told this fact to the haughty man positioned at the entry gate. He never realised that the girl was speaking the truth. What he emphasised upon was that she should show her identity card if she was linking her identification with another school. Unfortunately, the girl student did not carry her ID at that point in time.

She was even suggested by the heartless man to bring her school’s identity card from the residence at nearly six kilometres away.  What remained most irritating for the girl was making her ex-student of the school where the programme was in progress. The man would have simply forbidden her entry under the order. But he created wholly a different story for stopping her. That was indeed against the school’s traditions normally. He should have known that a crowd entered the school after 4 pm through the next large gate. That girl returned with a long face as she missed her younger sister’s pyramid display. She was wrongly assumed as ex-student despite her continuous denial.