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Girl takes a left turn after showing the left indicator

02, Jun 2014 By Raunak Ramteke

A shocking incident took place on the streets of Mumbai, when a girl did something really unexpected.

It was a normal Monday morning. The roads were jam packed with people going to their respective offices. A girl was supposedly driving on the S V Road towards her office in Dadar. At a square, after the traffic signal turned green, she intended to take a left. And for doing so, she switched on the left indicator of her car and took a left turn.

The spot where it all happened

Seeing this, all the drivers behind her were shocked and were amazed by the incident that they just witnessed. The traffic police rubbed his eyes twice and pinched himself, to check whether he was dreaming.

“I have never seen such an incident in the history of my 10 year old career. This is something remarkable,” were his words.

The Faking News team rushed to the spot and tried chasing down the car to see who the driver was. Though we could not find the driver, we tried to get some information from the people at the petrol pump at which the car had allegedly stopped.

A petrol pump employee told us that even the car was looking astonished and was uttering “Madam ne kuch unexpected kiya hai. Ye pakka Roadies mein jayegi,” while he was filling petrol.

When we contacted the petrol pump owner to ask him what he felt about this incident, he told us that the driver must have been a guy who was dressed as a girl and was trying to fool the people. He advised the driver not to do so, as the people were already fooled for 10 years by the UPA, and doing such tricks would not fetch him a good name.