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Girl saves entire salary in hope to evade service tax, lives on Sodexo meal coupons for a year

08, May 2014 By akshaybk

New Delhi. From the political capital of the country comes an exciting story of a young financial wizard. The woman an employee with a media firm saved up her entire salary to save paying for service tax. The story came to light when she sold off nearly 6 kgs of Sodexo meal coupon receipts she had saved of the past 5 years.

Sodexo Coupons

Ruchi (Name changed on request) confessed that while living on a day to day basis was tough, her initiative paid off when she achieved not paying a single rupee in service tax. The god fearing, Maruti driving girl has few passions in life other than collecting books and attending religious functions – commonly called ‘Jagratas’ in the northern part of the country.

On being asked how she felt that she had managed to sell of 6 kgs of Sodexo receipts and earn money and also save paying service tax she said, “Its all very simple. One has to just plan how often he/she eats as well as ensure you keep a track of colleagues who might try and steal your Sodexo meal coupons. Eating once a week is okay but attending religious meetings gets you the free banana sometimes.”

Latest we heard on the news that she is being offered a role from the Delhi Govt to pitch for the next Commonwealth Games that are up for grabs.