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Girl refuses to grow-up in protest as fiancée forgets to wish her on birthday at midnight

22, Sep 2014 By DarrKeAage

Dubai. In an interesting story, Shahida Afridi, a 17-year old girl has refused to grow-up for past few years.  For last 5 years now she has been mentioning her age as 17 years. She revealed that she has been doing so in order to teach a lesson to her fiancée who has never been able to remember her birthday.

Afridi celebrating birthday.
Afridi celebrating birthday.

Shahida is a cricketer by profession and has record for most number of retirements and debuts made. Her fiancée Bhulakkad Fernandes is working as a software engineer in an MNC. He is currently posted onsite in Nigeria. When our reporter Patrakar Popatlal talked to him he said to us that since he is in such a remote country he gets confused due to the time-zone. He added that he tried his best but failed to calculate the exact midnight time of Dubai. He said, “I wished Shahida at exactly 12:07 AM. I was just 7 minutes late.”

Meanwhile when we contacted Shahida, she said that she was not convinced by Bhulakkad’s logic. He has been doing this not for 1 or 2 but last 5 years. She said she won’t grow-up and increase her age unless she is wished on time.

It is to be noted that due to being 17 years old she has not been able to apply for her Pan card, Voter’s card, etc. Bhulakkad and Shahida have not been able to get married due to this reason, as minimum age for marriage is 18. Bhulakkad is sad and at the same time happy as well due to this. He said that he has got more time to settle down due Shahida’s decision. He secretly plans to continue this for couple of more years.

PS: Shahida is not related to Shahid Afridi, the cricketer.