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Girl refuses to go out with boy who has a low Flappy Bird score

13, Feb 2014 By pratikpanda

In a surprising incident, a girl has outright refused to go out with a guy who had single digit scores on the recently discontinued mobile game Flappy Bird.

Not just a game
Not just a game

This incident has sent shockwaves among the young male community who had disregarded Flappy Bird as a passing trend and given up on the game as a lost cause. Many an exasperated youth can be found nowadays glued to their touchscreens throughout the day in an attempt to boost their attractiveness by posting high scores in the difficult to score game.

“My best girlfriend dumped me just because I couldn’t go beyond 3 levels in the game. This is too tough on us man,” lamented Alok, a 20yr old engineering student from Pune.

“We want to have a decent shot at getting a date during Valentine’s Day, and as such, have resorted to 16hr daily sessions of Flappy Bird. After playing continuously for a week, I just managed to get into double digits, and am the highest among all guys in my college”, says a hostel resident proudly.

While most of the ire is directed against the girls, here is what Reena, 21 had to say on the matter. “I think it is completely fair on our part to expect our guy to have high scores on Flappy Bird. If he cannot score on the screen, then how can he score with us?” she articulated.

While that may be the case, even more desperate are the unlucky ones who did not manage to download the game before it was taken off from the apps store and google play store.

“I just came to know about the game yesterday, but by the time I got around to download the game, it was no longer available. I have started using my roommate’s phone, a nerdy type who downloaded the game in the nick of time when he came to know from the newspaper about the removal of the game, just to appear cool among his classmates.”

Nath, a friend of Alok who got left out was desperately scanning various sites such as olx and quikr, searching for someone to sell him a phone already installed with the app. “I am ready to shell out a hefty sum for a Flappy Bird pre-installed phone if it means I can have a date on Valentine’s Day. Who wouldn’t?” he questions.

A few opportunistic mobile owners hoping to cash in on this trend have started selling phones with pre-installed high scores, with the 50+ ones going for as much as double the rate of a new phone.

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