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Girl proposes AAM engineer, guy faints on the spot

16, Jan 2014 By rajjar1221

New Delhi. In a series of dramatic events, a guy fainted today in New Delhi after a girl proposed him and asked him to go on a date with her.

Dangerous love.
Dangerous love.

Doctors have said the reason to be cold waves, internal surveys sources have said that the guy was in a tremendous pressure and hence got unconscious. Meanwhile, AAP led government has announced free medical and psychological treatment of all engineering boys across Delhi.

Arvind, hailing from Punjab, was studying Biotech engineering at DTU. Being a fourth year guy, he was placed in a reputed company. Sources tell that Arvind had prepared hard for his placements. Another student in his class, Sonia, was reported to be upset with Arvind’s selection as she felt that how could a boy get a job in Biotech dept when she couldn’t. Her friends tell that, “As soon as Arvind got placed, she started luring Arvind as she thought he might get a place in the company because of his influence. She started talking to him more and asked more doubts than any other guy.”

Arvind, being a single guy, wasn’t sure of these recent developments. He asked his friends from DTU. He sent Facebook messages to almost every friend of his college to ask whether or not he should be with that girl. Most of the friends suggested him to talk to her and get close to her. “We thought that there is nothing wrong in talking to a girl. We engineer guys try hard for that and Arvind is getting it without any external support effort.”

A few other friends warned him and said, “Dude she is just talking to you because she wants something from you.”

Meanwhile when Arvind found around 99 % friends are supporting it, he continued talking to that girl. Later, another girl Sheila also felt the same and started getting close to Arvind. “He started getting confused. With two girls around you, one cannot know what can happen next. He soon realized that he had made a big mistake,” tells his friend Harsh.

Meanwhile Yogendra, another friend of Arvind came out for help but it all went in vain. His another friend Harsh was pressurizing him to take responsibilities. He felt that talking to a girl shouldn’t be taken lightly as future of fellow engineers of getting a girl depends on Arvind. Adding to the pressure, Shiela, in a hurry, proposed him. It caused him a tremendous pressure as Harsh was consistently nagging him and another fellow engineers also wanted Arvind to take step quickly.

As he was an AAM engineer (not an IITian), Arvind couldn’t bear this much pressure and fainted in front of the girl. Girl soon left the place and his friends namely Yogendra and Kumar came for his help. Harsh was found to be criticizing him. “He ruined it. Now girls would think engineers cant handle girls. Now my chances of getting a girl are low.”

Meanwhile Arvind has been admitted to hospital and his treatment cost would be beared by Delhi Govt. In another event, Harsh was found to hanging out with Narendra from IIT Gandhinagar as he came to Delhi on his vacations. “He plans for Maters at IIT Delhi and hence I have started working hard for my GATE exams as I also want to join IIT D with Narendra. I would then get girls by my IIT tag,” said Harsh.