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Girl not fond of makeup spotted

17, Jul 2014 By ajeeb

Today Professor Kamdev Prasad (KP) led research group at Institute of Women s’ Psychology (IWP)-New Delhi has unveiled their recent finding on which the group was working from the past four decades.

Their finding is being stated among the biggest discoveries of all times. They have discovered one alive female named Sadagi Sukanya who is not fond of any cosmetics. Miss Sadagi is a native of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh and was born and brought up in New Delhi. She completed her schooling from Delhi Public School and currently she is pursuing her Bachelors of Science at Delhi University.

All credits were given to the hard work of his students by Prof. K.P. “I was hopeless, at times I was helpless too. My students made it, God bless them all.” “I saw heard her chatting among her friends and I got astir, she was literally fighting among her peers regarding their over use of cosmetics upon their very faces,” claimed Mr. Tadu Prasad Shastri the group leader behind this discovery.

“Dissipating tons of hours before going anywhere, creating a layer of cosmetics to look like a dummy. That s’ not my cup of tea and I am continuing my faith in water for cleansing purposes , trust me it is quite good,” Sadagi s’ claim over her behavior. “My lado was like this from her childhood. She never was a pink color freak, neither do she blamed us or the society after not qualifying IIT-JEE, ” told her mother with a confident smile over her cheeks.

Her girlfriends aren’t interested in her belief over cosmetics. They always had a superior feel over her at all times. “Her way of going for an outing or call it anywhere, is completely inconceivable. How a girl in her late twenties can move around without makeup? She never even had a friend zoned guy for routine usage, LOL!! I guess she is suffering from some mental disorder,” claimed her bestie Sundari.

Sources have confirmed to Faking News about the irregular use of social networking websites by Sadagi and we have been told that she never urged nobody to like her pictures on Facebook. She uses these online portals for purely networking related purposes.

Meanwhile Prof. KP has urged Sadagi for providing him with more information on her behavior. Along with Sadagi, he has plans to develop some sort of cognitive therapy for females who lives with Beautiful peers and develop an inferiority complex.