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Girl misuses Vith U app, gets boyfriend fired from job

20, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi – Channel Pee’s initiative for ensuring women safety backfired yesterday in the capital city. Priya, a college going student took advantage of the bad reputation Delhi has about women safety.

Vith U is a mobile application that sends your location to the people (You have selected) when the power button is hit twice. It functions with the idea of calling your loved ones in times of danger but Priya in the past week exploited the app and faked emergency to call his boyfriend many a times.

Jab Dekho kaam kaam. Tang aa gayi thi main. Pyaar se bulati thi to kabhi nahi aata tha. I love this app” said Priya in a complaining tone.

However his boyfriend Shekher who is a software engineer payed a hefty price of this loving gesture by his girlfriend. “Yaar ek baar hota hai, do baar hota hai. Week mein dass baar! Boss itna chutiya thodi hota hai. Nikal diya abb job se saale ne. Sab taana maar rahe hai aur karo aashiqui” said a bummed Shekher.

Even Saif Ali Khan is tired of this app after Kareena installed it .

Faking News talked to the boss of the company Shekher used to work in, “Earlier in the week when he asked for urgent leave saying he thinks his girlfriend is in danger, I was cool. Mujhe laga Sachin ka last test dekh raha hoga, par the same happened even in the last 3-4 days! Are we insane? Excuse marna hai to acha maaro. Engineer aur Girlfriend! Who’d buy such a story.”