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Girl marries guy from another caste and parents don't protest

04, Mar 2014 By Agnel

In an occurrence that has absolutely shaken the non-existent conservative media – the family of an upper-caste girl has accepted her marriage to guy from another caste.

Deepa who married Suresh this afternoon didn’t face resistance from her parents or relatives and this has angered other castes. Mr. Pramod M. who heads the Inter Caste No Alliance Pact(ICNAP) has reacted with very stern words against Deepas and Sureshs parents – “Look, castes have been in existence for ages now. It is so that as a society we are divided and we are angered by the fact that parents of this stupid couple did not show any form of resistance. How can be differentiate ourselves from the west if no resistance is shown. I understand the caste system is not something that today’s stupid generation believes in, but as the older generation – it is our duty to ensure there is division in society. It pains me when I see photographs of both the brides and the grooms family smile when posing for wedding photographs together. Look at this one here – the dads of the couple are actually hugging each other, they must be fighting with each other. This is not our culture. I am disappointed that the brides father did not send any death threat to the groom or threaten to get her married by force or at-least fake a chest pain. In fact I am grateful to our brother organization the Jealous Relatives Association(JRA) for giving me all this insider information and photographs. We will protest outside the houses of both the families. We are also considering not granting caste certificates to their children and maybe even expelling them from intra-caste societies.”

One the other hand Deepas father Mr. Kumar had some wise words to say when we confronted him about his wrongdoing, “See, when Deepa was a child we had to guide as to when to study, which school to go to, what to wear etc. but now she’s 25 years old, is earning and is independent. She stays with us because of her love for us. She now guides us how to use our phones, which car to buy etc. We have educated her so that she would be able to take her own decisions and I completely support her in this. She and Suresh have been friends for years and we know him well. We don’t have to worry about impressing his family etc. because at the end of the day it is them that have to be together and not us as families. I had been warned of a covert operation by the JRA to sabotage this wedding but it looks like All is Well now. After all caste is a man-made idea. God would not want us to be divided and hate each other over such a petty issue.I understand we as a family might lose our caste status but I would rather have a happy daughter than a rich son-in-law”.