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Girl held by forest officials for punching a tiger in face during a trek

26, Aug 2014 By trolldevi

Bangalore. 22yr techie Deepika held by forest officials for punching tiger in face during the day trek to a tourist place outside of Bangalore. This incident shocked everyone participated in trek and they were sent to the camp site immediately.

Around 30 people participated in trek conducted by a certain trekking club. It all went well till they reached the middle of the jungle. There were some deer having their green lunch. The whole group was so excited especially Deepika. Everyone started taking their pics and so did Deepika. She went near them and started feeding them the grass which they are going to eat from ground anyway. She asked the guy with DSLR to take a pic of her with deer. This is when a huge tiger came that way which scared the deer away. All the remaining tourists were terrified at the sight of that ferocious animal except for Deepika. “She was actually burnt up with anger” said one of the tourists. She immediately jumped on the tiger and punched it in face landing it 20 yards away. The DSLR guy recorded the whole incident in his camera.

It’s been two days but the tiger continues to cry

One of the forest officials was tracking that tiger at the same time, since it’s a rare species and they need to take good care of it for breeding purposes. He went on to rescue the tiger and moved it to a safe place for treatment. He ordered his subordinates to take the girl into custody which they immediately did.

We interviewed Gautam, one of the eye witnesses of this incident when he returned to Bangalore .“No one in the group expected that to happen. I thought that girl is so kind and chickish. She screamed and almost cried when she found a leech on her shoe and she punched the tiger in like next 20 minutes. I kinda tried to hit on her but now I’m really scared that she’d literally hit me.”

The forest officer who is taking of the tiger talked to Faking News, “The condition of the tiger is stable but there is a major injury on face and he lost 2 teeth. Now he’s not only scared of humans but also of female tigers.”

The girl’s testimony is as follows, “I didn’t punch that one on purpose. It’s just unfair how it scared the deer away. I was really happy after seeing that deer that I’m gonna get a perfect profile picture for FB and that one ruined my day. You’ve idea how important it is to me? I spent 4k on this trek to get pics for my profile. I could’ve looked super cute with that pic. Now I lost 4k, 2036 fb likes and they dare file a case on me?”

The local animal rights team is protesting to proceed with the case and punish the girl since punching a national animal is unforgivable crime. Meanwhile,women rights team also started their protest that the girl should be released and it is tiger’s mistake ruining a girl’s profile pic.