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Girl dies while removing her face scarf

13, Jul 2014 By sunit91

NCR: In a news that shocked the entire face scarf wearing girls of the nation, a girl died while removing her face scarf. The event took place outside Ambiance mall, Gurgaon where Shruti, working at “STUDENTS”  as per her Facebook page arrived with her friend Neha to waste their evening by doing window shopping at the mall.

The family members of Shruti are devastated by this accident. “I don’t know why she was so obsessed with that scarf ? She even used to wear it when we used to go somewhere in night. You should have not done that didi…” said completely shattered and annoyed brother of shruti.

“As she was removing her scarf, it somehow got entangled around her neck, which subsequently resulted in choking and followed her to death,” said Neha, the girl accompanying shruti to the mall. “Initially we thought the girl is just acting to make it look like a real incident and gather more crowd in order to upload that video on her upcoming social website but, by the time we could have realized that it was real, she was dead,” reported a person present at the accident site.

Bollywood heroines have come up in full support for Shruti. “I can understand how important a scarf is for a girl. This is one the prime reason of my lustrous skin. But, if that scarf can take your life  then it is really miserable and sad,” tweeted Rakhi Sawant. Meanwhile, the “mahila mukti morcha” have openly blamed the home ministry for this act and have demanded life time supply of scarf for all the girls in shruti’s family.

Political activist and leader of aam admi party Arvind Kejriwal, has come up with a argument to make “SCARF EDUCATION” compulsory in high schools to girls. “They must be taught the importance of scarf, how to wear it, how to remove it safely and various other techniques related to scarf so that such incidents can be avoided in future,” said Kejriwal.

Scientist at DRDO have innovated a scarf that works just like the helmet of  iron man. It automatically fits on the girls face as soon as the girls sits on her scooty and lifts off as soon as the girls moves out from her scooty. “The research is still on. We are facing the challenge of making it look more fashionable so that it could be accepted by every girl,” said Helmet Kumar, senior scientist sat DRDO.

The girls around the country have gone more alert after this incident.” Now, I am taking full care while removing and wearing the scarf without considering how much time it takes. Today, I was suppose to reach office at 9:00 AM but I arrived at 11:30 AM. No matter how late I arrive, I want to make sure I arrive alive” said kiki receptionist at kelkar consultancies.

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