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Girl breaks up with boyfriend after he refuses to accept her Book Bucket Challenge on FB

17, Sep 2014 By geesundar

In a remarkable turn of events, a couple in a relationship for more than 5 years broke up after the Boy refused to accept the Book Bucket Challenge from his Girl Friend.

The Book bucket challenge has created a sensation on social media, and has emerged as the newest way of showing your intellect to the world. Users can find out the rarest of books from select foreign authors and list them as their favourite books, never mind if they have read it or not.

This viral challenge has however led to the break-up of Anita and Vikram, a couple who were previously known for showing much love to each other on Facebook through awwww-inspiring pics.

Says a dejected Vikram: “I have read only few books in my life and all of them only prior to the relevant exams. All of a sudden Anita, tagged me to list my favourite books out of them .It was a herculean task as I never remembered the contents of the books nor the name of the books beyond my exam. So in order to avoid hurting her, I pretended to not see the post and didn’t respond to her request and she called it off. She asked me to like her pics, I did, she asked me to comment on them, I commented, She invited me to play Candy Crush Saga, I played . But this Challenge was beyond me.”

In response Anita, the girl of few words had only this to say:” A good book has no ending, but our relationship has.”

Post the break up, Anita uploaded a video of her tearing Vikram’s shirt and saying “Vikram Malhotra, it’s over”. The video went viral on YouTube.