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Girl breaks up with boyfriend in Facebook; to get a new boyfriend with SnapChat account

21, Apr 2017 By RT

Bangalore. A girl of mid twenties broke up with her boyfriend of 5 years because he did not have a SnapChat account. Her ex-boyfriend has a Facebook account and several Swiss bank accounts, it is learnt by Faking News.

“I have had this fellow, a friend from Facebook as my boyfriend for the past 5 years. He did boast quite often that he had several Swiss bank accounts. In fact, I travelled with him to Swiss, a couple of times. Recently, I have learnt that a SnapChat account is one of the world’s priciest possessions, if not the most priciest. I checked with my boyfriend and he asked if we were talking about Snapdeal. Immediately, I broke up with him”, the girl told Faking News.

I love my Snapchat BF. He is not poor like you
I love my Snapchat BF. He is not ‘poor’ like you

“I am moving on. I am getting several references to guys with SnapChat accounts in India and abroad. In fact, there are status updates in some NRI’s Facebook pages that 100K salary, Lexus car, an all-paid apartment and a SnapChat account. I am going to get a new boyfriend from this group and perhaps relocate to the United States”, the girl revealed her grand plan to Faking News.

“I do not know anything about SnapChat or Evan Spiegel. I don’t know anything about what he had said or not said in 2015. Only thing I know is that my ex-girlfriend said rude things to me prior to breaking up with me! I have several numbered accounts in Swiss, for crying out loud. She called me a ‘third-world poverty personified’! and split immediately after that”, the ex-boyfriend told Faking News.

Meanwhile, the girl was seen perfecting her selfie skills to start snap chats with potential new boyfriends, it was noticed by the Faking News reporter taking leave after covering the story from the once-upon-a-time Garden city.