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Ghosts of street dogs demand 'khoon ka badla', haunt Abhijeet

10, May 2015 By jholu

Mumbai: After Bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya justified Salman Khan’s driving skills, like running over  sleeping workers under influence of alcohol etc., by comparing it with street dogs getting killed by road vehicles, he is now reported to have got sleepless nights!

Reports suggest that Abhijeet is being haunted by mangled street dogs’ ghosts who have been unnaturally killed by speeding vehicles due to rash driving of drivers under or over the influence of alcohol.

A typical “Dog Ghost”, Abhijeet might have seen!

These reports were confirmed by the faking news’s investigative journalistic team who first spotted Abhijeet visiting sleep clinics in Bandra, then a few hours later a schizophrenic clinic in Navi Mumbai and then later a Jhhaad-Phook Tantrik Baba near Church Gate station.

Some sources closely related to Abhijeet, under the condition of anonymity, said, “That he visited the schizophrenic clinic,  was not surprising. We had our hints, when we first read his tweets! But then, when he visited the Tantrik baba, we got really worried.”

Chamkaadar-Chaap tantrik baba, an expert in ghosts, spirits, and their motives said, “Unlike humans, all animal ghosts are peaceful spirits. Even after getting unnatural deaths, they do not disturb humans. Have you ever being haunted by a dead mosquito? Similarly, you never find any movies made on them.  Therefore it seems, that  the dog ghosts are really angry with Abhijeet and hence they started haunting him!”

In an experiment, the tantrik baba brought a normal dog which has shown no particularly angry response towards Abhijeet’s photograph. But, as soon as he brought the  spirit of a dead dog into the body of the normal dog, it tore the picture into pieces and pissed all over it! The tantrik baba thus confirmed, that it is possible that Abhijeet is indeed being haunted by dog ghosts!

Abhijeet’s spokesperson however, refused to either confirm or comment on any of these reports.