Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Geographical conditions affect behaviour

25, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It is not disagreeing that the geographical conditions have an effect on our behaviour. The people’s lifestyle circles around the natural environment. One’s food behaviour and living standard are wholly determined by the environment and surroundings. Seasons and fluctuating weather temperatures bring changes in our feelings and thoughts at the end of the day. The most vital change is people’s social distraction during the summer season has been analysed. Due to the hot weather and the rising routine temperatures, the people develop a little lesser supportive attitude towards others. It has been perceived following a recent research. The hot weather keeps an individual uneasy and restive. One even stops important work in irritation.

During a study conducted on the big retail shop, it was plainly found that the employees working in the midst of the hot atmosphere demonstrate relentless apathy towards the consumers they come across in day-to-day conversation. They even capably avoid putting saner suggestions to them. But there was other side of the analysis too. As many as thirty-four percent employees showed their keenness in extending their helpful attitude with the customers. It proved the fact that hundred percent people are not of similar mind. There were a lot of people who remained resolute in offering the required help to the persons requiring instant help at a point of time.

There persists one solid conception about people’s inherent selfish behaviour. Whenever one is in need of something, one comes near another person for taking his required help. But this latest study has illustrated how do people approach for helping others? They feel a kind feeling for other individuals despite the blitz of the summer season. As we know excess of everything is bad. So the excessive can deter us from complete adherence to the genial social norms.