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Generosity of ghosts unveiled by RTI activist

09, Aug 2013 By urja

Being visited by ghosts at some haunted house or place is frequently observed by people from every nook and corner of the country.

But, it came as a polite surprise for crores who leave no stone upturned to keep all spirits away from them, when the head of the Apex Bank in a press conference addressed to the entire nation, including the ghosts who are believed to have somehow obtained the citizenship of India as well as the Adhaar card, said” It is true that over the years, RBI has received millions of notes from ghosts, which the general public, hereby referred to as non ghost community is not ready to accept.”

He in very clear, unambiguous words appreciated the efforts of the ghost community in supplying this precious gift every now and then. He announced Padmashree Bhushan Award at the next Republic Day of the Nation, to mark their contribution in the testing times of the nation, and making the nation feel less poorer.

However, all this has been made public only due to the endeavors of RTI activist working night and day. He due to his super psychic abilities had become aware of the fact that the notes which the bank had received over the years exceeded the notes printed at the printing presses even after adjusting for the earlier years stock.

Thereby, the humble ghost community has gifted him with a private jet plane as they feel overwhelmed that someone from non ghost community has put in such effort for which they have received the due credit.