Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Fusion of words brings confusion

18, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Whether it is the English language rules or the Hindi sentence structure, there remains rigid syntax which irritates every student in various ways. The students find themselves in a state of uncertainty when they go through the grammar portion of both the languages respectively. When the students are questioned over a sentence over and over again they come into quandary whether it is a metaphor or a simile in the English grammar. Similarly, the student loses the mental balance or get nearer to the state of the dilemma while reading sandhi-vichhed, a Sanskritised cover term for a wide variety of sound charges that occurs at word boundaries.

In simple word, this Hindi grammar expression indicates morphophonemic alteration. In a Sanskritised word, it means joining just as we commonly go through the word sandbag and sandwich in the foreign language. If we consider over a very prominent Hindi word Vivah which became the title of a Bollywood romantic film in the year of 2006, a student falls into trouble for its splitting into two separate words under the defined imperative of the treaty-viced was always an arduous task. Going through this simple, ordinary but weighty word, a student with his common sense entangles into its nearby sounds like Wah and Aah.

When the students were in the quandary over the grammatical accuracies, the common readers had to face extra complexity. Their troubles linger till they do not find an answer. They come into odd position. Fusion of sounds in one word brings them into confusion. This forces even the students’ to divert their attention from deep study and with the passing of the time their memory darkens with whatever learnt in the Hindi language grammar. Though examples of such words were so many, our brains are breaking into different bits with every sandhi-vichhed.