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Frustrated with having to take bath and look good everyday, DU Arts student prepares for Engineering entrance

12, Dec 2013 By iamgreat

Delhi. Engineering in India has always been a respected and revered branch of study. A Masters in Arts student in Delhi University has proved this is in a unique way. Devang Patel, a second year Masters student, has dropped from his ongoing course and is preparing for the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) and IIT-JEE.

The reason he states is unique and underpins the fact that engineers in our country are held with high respect. He says, “In my college, there is a constant pressure to look good. You can live under this pressure and rather outshine during the summers. But how can you perform during winters? The girls don’t even sneeze beside you if you havent taken a bath and are not wearing the best of the brands! This is so cruel.”

Holi on campus
A rare picture of engineering students taking bath

Mr. Patel claims enlightenment when he visited an engineering college for promotion of his college fest in November this year. “I was aghast! I couldn’t believe my eyes. There they were, My saviors. My gods. My idols” says Patel. He says he could clearly make out the ‘Addida’ and the ‘Niko” brands being flashed everywhere. They looked impressive he remembers.

“But the thing that made tears roll out  my eyes was the fact that everybody in that college looked as if they hadn’t taken a bath since atleast a month. They still had that golden smile on their faces. The excessive Axe smelling crowd didn’t even bother to stop at every piece of glass they came across to straighten out a dwindling pair of hair like is our custom in our college,” cries out Patel.

Amazed by this new world he had entered into, Patel has decided to enter into an engineering college and change his life for the better. “This is how we have always wanted to inspire people. This is how we have garnered all the respect that we have amongst the girls. We have SO many girls to impress in our college that we don’t even sometimes waste time in brushing our teeth in the morning. Your mouth is going to smell of the breakfast you eat anyway,” says a student of that engineering college on being asked to comment on the news.

Another student says, “This is outrageous. How can you expect somebody to take a bath everyday when the water seems to be coming straight out of the melting glaciers during the winters! I appeal to all the non-engineering students of my country to come to an engineering college. We have big hearts. We will embrace them with love and help them recuperate from their torment.”

Patel thanks his parents who had pressurized him into studying science in his high school which made him eligible for the entrance examination.

“I will fight for my fellow students. I will hold a fast in front of my college canteen to create awareness amongst students of my college about this wonderful world of engineering. However, as reported in Faking News, I hope they haven’t already implemented the ‘Why MBA’ question in the engineering entrance examinations,” says Patel with a smirk.