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From Delhi to New York, Kejriwal takes his agitation up a notch

24, Jan 2014 By angrymon

New Delhi. On the heels of the successful agitation to have 3 police officers of the Delhi police suspended for not listening to his minister to violate due process of law, the Delhi CM has now declared that he will take up the issue of getting India a permanent seat on the UN security council.

Zooming to United States.
Zooming to United States.

Speaking to reporters from the his home, the former IRS officer, recovering from acute bronchitis said, “It is a shame that India has been denied a permanent seat in the UN Security Council”. The Aam Aadmi of this country are shouting for action. I will now go from a city based agitator, bypass all national issues and go straight to international issues.”

Kejriwal has already arranged for a series of town hall meetings with Indian diaspora living in the United States for conducting agitations in front of the UN building in New York. His supporters have already started collecting extra blankets since reading reports of a severe cold wave affecting parts of the eastern seaboard of the United States.

The Aam Aadmi Party has issued a press release to the effect that Law Mister Somnath Bharti will leave for New York immediately and arrange for fire wood, tea and biscuit supplies. He has also been tasked to charter a plan to initiate agitations that the New York Police Department should now be under the control of the Delhi Government.

Reacting to this news, Congress Party Spokesperson, Digvijay Singh, said, “Kejriwal cannot take a moral high ground on this issue. He has to submit his books of account with his local kiranawala with whom it is alleged he has a account for the last 15 years.