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From bald to hairy in just 2 minutes with Patanjali’s new cow dung hair therapy

23, Dec 2015 By Ishant Pahuja

Haridwar: Patanjali has launched new hair growth therapy that will grow your hair on the bald skin of your scalp in just 120 seconds. Patanjali’s hair building formula is developed using cow dung by a team of highly skilled bald Tantriks from Haridwar and Meerut.

Hair pack made from a fresh cow dung
Hair pack made from a fresh cow dung

While speaking to reporters, Baba Ramdev said that this hair building fiber, derived from cow dung will grow natural hair in just 120 seconds.

Patanjali has also launched hair building tablets in delicious Chocolate and strawberry flavors. These tablets are comparatively slow and take 50 seconds to reach stomach and another 75 seconds to grow hair. Thus in 125 seconds, a bald person can have 17 inch long hair and feel confident.

Using this therapy is easy. Patient should take out 5 ml of the cream and apply it on his scalp. Now he should prepare Patanjali Maggi and forget about hair. Patanjali Maggi takes 2 minutes to cook. By the time it is cooked, the patient can feel the hair growing as long as 17 inch

A bald person need to intake only one tablet of the cow dung therapy for hair growth in his lifetime. The Brand ambassador of this new sensational medicine is none other than Mr. Anil Kapoor.

Patanjali is also planning to come up with hair building biscuits and candies.