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Fresh WVMs to help rail users

25, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Despite the presence of water vending machines since the year of 2015, the railways has planned to set up an additional set of machines on several other stations throughout the country. The railways’ passengers remain seldom satisfied with the basic facilities available at the platforms. First they are annoyed with the prevailing insanitation; secondly, their hunt for the pure cold drinking water ends in buying the water bottle. At present, there are as many as 1106 manual or automatic WVMs at about 345 railway stations in the country. By the new arrangements, almost 2,000 jobless youths would get the employment within the different railways’ campuses in one financial year.

By this considerate and correct way, the Indian Railways has taken a very big-hearted decision by its genuine plan to set up as many as eleven thousand water vending machines at nearly 450 stations in order to benefit the general passengers during the journey.They are commonly spending a large amount of money on merely cold drinking water in course of their essential journey from one place to another destination. Usually, the very quality of the clean drinking water is never up to the satisfactory standard. Sometimes there is doubt over the bottle seal packing.

The train’s general bogies are normally entered by the officially permitted vendors selling water bottles in the round big bucket. They feel no notable compunction in putting up the drinking water bottle on the retail sale at more than the printed rate on the bottle’s neck. In view of such persisting trend, the water machines will serve a big purpose. Thus the general passengers will secure pure water processed through modern reverse osmosis technique at a very nominal price. In accordance with the media reports, there will be provided with a total of 300 ml water in just barely one rupee coin.