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Foreigners mistake Indian parliament sessions for sitcom

03, Aug 2015 By faketushar

In a phenomenon that left everyone flummoxed, the channels Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV have suddenly become extremely popular in other Asian and European countries. The reason behind this has only recently become apparent.

Apparently, the viewers believed that the channels showed comedy shows, which parodied a third-world country’s law-making process. It is easy to see why the viewers were misled.

“And This guy is amazing. He is so funny when he sleeps but even funnier when he speaks! He is the best character.” One of the viewers said.

“In every show, the opposition begins by demanding the resignations of 2-3 members of the ruling party, which the ruling party rejects, and then comes up with its own accusations and allegations. Lots of arguments follow, as both parties exchange verbal blows, and finally all hell breaks loose, as the opposition, to show that it is sulking, walks to the center of the hall and refuses to budge. Neither is there any real debating, nor are any bills passed. It is so hilarious, and even though it follows the same plot everyday, we still love it,” said a foreign viewer.

“And while the entire fracas is happening, the person who is clearly supposed to conduct proceedings seems powerless, as no one listens to her. Its like even if she wouldn’t have been present, it would have made no difference whatsoever,” said another viewer, in between gasps of laughter.

When these viewers were informed that what they were watching was, in fact, an actual parliament, they laughed even more. The first viewer said, “No wonder these countries are so under-developed. When the country’s lawmakers behave like premier league teams, how can the nation be in good hands?”

The second viewer agreed, and said, “Now that I know this is for real, I’m gonna enjoy watching this even more.