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For smooth traffic movement Bangalore traffic police bans all U-turns, force people to take U-turn near Mysore

10, Aug 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: Bangalore based techie Thiru got the shock of his life when traffic police did not allow him to take U-turn at any of the signals inside the IT city. He was forced to drive another 100km to take a successful U-turn somewhere near Mysore.

Faking news got a chance to meet tired looking Thiru after his exhaustive journey. Thiru started by saying, “Last year I relocated to Whitefield thinking it will be easy for me to commute as my office was hardly two kilometer from my residence. Suddenly one weekend traffic police closed down a few U-turns and that forced me to drive 10 km to reach home. To start with this was hard on me, but slowly steadily got habituated to it”.

U-Turn is dangerous everywhere. Politics or Traffic. Hence, No U-Turn for smooth traffic.
U-Turn is dangerous everywhere. Politics or Traffic. Hence, No U-Turn for smooth traffic.

“Today what I experienced is too much. Still cannot believe what I had to go through today. I Went to KR Puram railway station to pick my friend. After picking my friend took the route I normally take. I Could not believe what I saw! All the signals on the way were marked with no U-turn sign boards. At one or two places I wanted to stop to check with someone for this sudden change. However, I was unable to do that as most of the roads were already marked as no stopping zone”.

“I can see all the traffic policemen are busy clicking photographs of vehicles who were not following the traffic rules which they formed overnight. I too, Need to check online for fine as they might have captured my vehicle photograph too” Thiru told us.

“Google map was also not of much help as the rules and regulations related to Bangalore traffic change every hour. After driving for 50 kilometers near Ramanagara fortunately I found a signal without U-turn marking. But I Could not take a turn there too, due to some farmers protest rally they had blocked one side of the road”.

When we asked Thiru whether he has any plans to put his terrible experience in the Facebook page of Bangalore traffic police. Thiru told us “I wrote on their FB page when something like this was introduced in Whitefield area, a year back. The response I got from traffic commissioner was, this is something they have done after thorough research and over a period of time, you will see the difference. They might have done good research in this case too, who knows may be after few days we will be habituated to these lack of U-turns”.

Thiru highlighted another problem which he might face if traffic police sticks to this new plan. “As my home town is near to the place where I was allowed to take U-turn today, more often than not my friends & relatives might ask me to hand carry a few things when I leave my house in Bangalore”.

Thiru is worried how he will survive in a city which has taken a heavy toll on his car. Normal case he would have traveled 20k km instead his car mileage is showing in excess of 50k. Thiru recommends Bangalore traffic police to learn something from our central government. “They understood the need of the hour, took U-turn on porn ban and land acquisition bill. Please do not be rigid, U-turns are necessary”.