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Following latest trend, Martians too ban Padmavati

27, Nov 2017 By AdityaSachan

A secret news has been revealed even before discovery of life in planet Mars. While most space missions have failed to provide any sufficient and vital evidence of life in Mars. Bollywood finally has given strong reason to martians to come out and give their views.

‘#&^*#$&#*#*&(#&&@^*@&*’, said official spokesperson of Mars.

All set for the protest
All set for the protest


‘We have been cleverly hiding since hundreds of years from humans. You have been sending space missions, but we are not interested for any interaction and hence ignored you. Over the years, we used intelligent invisible technology to hide from you. But today unfortunately we had to come out. We wish to say yes there is life is Mars and we would like to ban Padmavati’, said official spokesperson of Mars.

On further probing, intelligence reports revealed that Martians confused banning Padmavati as equivalent to banning some hazardous substance. And after they came to know about many states in India banning Padmavati. They too decided on banning Padmavati to ensure safety of their planet and its inhabitants and also fearing desperate Sanjay Leela Bhansali may try launching movie on their planet.

The following reports has been provided by super intelligent Pakistan Space Agency.