Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Fleeting gazes miss traffic lights

09, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Routinely we come across the traffic lights while crossing the roads here. These are set up for regularising the traffic in a more disciplined way. Though we frequently show strict adherence to the traffic lights, our habit of eluding the signals does not remain wholly missing. The riders do try to escape the traffic lights in the pretext of the road congestion. Sometimes the traffic police too become lax in observance of their duties. But taking a quick look on the females never turns out to be slipshod by the same riders on the road. They maintain their stare range at the moving beauties.

There is nothing discernible distinction between the traffic signal and the glances. Just as the signal’s three different-coloured lights attract our eyes suddenly at the crossing, so as vibrantly dressed females also draw quick gaze or stare at once. But we do not show as much eagerness for the traffic signal lights as we usually demonstrate for the passing females. That is why the traffic signals are said to be avoided as the vehicle riders are found interested in a fleeting look at females with forcefulness.

The traffic signals are definitely a very good facility for the accident-free road traffic. With a few seconds’ pause on any road crossing under the glowing traffic lights’ automatic direction, the traffic gets a considerable space for moving ahead hastily. When the high-speeding two-wheelers are running faster than the air, it appears how the speed has become so faster and we are realising strong gush of air passed suddenly by the side within a moment. The pillion riders give a look of maintaining balance like an experienced driver. There does not appear a glint of stress on their faces. They remain glued to the back seat with the same comfort as the vehicle owner balances during the driving.