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First Bhai & now Amma: Asaram fan family hopeful, too

12, May 2015 By burabandar

Family dramas couldn’t be happier & merrier. A few days back the eternal ‘Bhai’ of Bollywood, Salman Khan walked out of a sentence, now is the time for Tamil Nadu to burst into celebration with Amma Jayalalitha acquitted in a matter of 10 seconds.

Asaram seeing Achhe Din after Salman and Jaylalitha bail.
Asaram seeing Achhe Din after Salman and Jayalalitha bail.

This has given a renewed hope to others too, especially the Bhakts of jailed Godman, Baba Asaram. Says Anup Shashtr, whose entire family is devoted to Baba, “Now that since Brother Salman and Mother Jaya have been released, time has come to released Grandfather Asaram Ji too. It will also follow the generation shift from brother to mother to grandfather. We are all hopeful and the stars are also favorable it seems now.”

Leading astrologist Bejan Daruwala predicts, “As Ganesha sees, I speak – this is like the holy trident of Vakil, Adalat & Insaaf which corresponds to the spirit of brotherhood, motherhood and gradfatherhood. I predict that Baba Asaram with the grace of Ganesha will soon come out of the jail. The stars cannot get more favorable than this.”

Asaram Bachao Aandolan Samiti has also approached both the sisters (Didi Mamta and Behanji Maya) to support the cause for the sake of family festivities. Behanji known to be susceptible to fall into legal trap every now & then is favorable in supporting ABAS and consulting her non-brahmin astrologers for the same.