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Fines issued for disrespeting the national flag

18, Aug 2014 By Kishore

In a sting operation conducted by the National Indian Pride (NIP) foundation, challans were issued to 60000+ patriotic Indians across New Delhi for hoisting the national flag the wrong way.  NIP is still conducting its sting operation in 15 cities and towns across the nation this Independence day.

The ideology behind the operation funded by “patriotic anonymous sources”  is driven by a need to “accord due respect to the symbol of the nation and flagrant disregard of the codes related to the National Flag and the ceremonies connected to hoisting it” stated Deena Nath Chaturvedi, president of NIP.

Deena Nath Chaturvedi, is one of “Midnight’s Children”, born on the eve of Indian Independence at 12.07 am on 15th August 1947. The 68 year old took up the cause after he spent last year picking up torn and discarded paper tirangas at his grandson’s school’s Independence Day celebration and was disturbed by the paper flags sold by street vendors, wrongly displayed and callously discarded.

This initiative by Chaturvedi has found supporters in over 5000 volunteers in New Delhi and over 16000 in other cities and towns across the Nation. It also found support with the New Delhi Traffic Police who issued 6 advertisements for Radio, TV and News Papers (created by Door Darshan) as a guide for the correct place to purchase, use and discard the national Flag and ran the campaign 6 days prior to the Independence Day Celebrations.

“As many schools distributed flags at their Independence Day celebrations, they were responsible for proper disposal of the flags. We saw school children crumple, tear and throw away the flag in the school premise and outside the schools. Such behaviour needs to be punished” stated Hawaldar Sunil Singh, whose team issued 600 fines outside three schools in Kalkaji area after filming the treatment of the Tiranga.

As the 2002 Code of Displaying a Tiranga is rather long but what Chaturvedi and his team of 35 are concentrating on is :

  1. Wrong hoisting of the national flag in private functions and private dwellings.1169 homes and 111 institutions have been issued the fine of Rs 500 & Rs 5000 each respectively (or face prosecution) under this offence in New Delhi till 1 pm.
  2. Disrespect of the national flag by letting it touch the ground or the floor or trail in water.5023 children/students and 561 adults have issued the fine under this offence in New Delhi till 1 pm.
  3. Disrespect of the national flag by displaying or fastening it in any manner that damages it.674 homes, 680 commercial properties and 89 institutions have been issued the fine under this offence in New Delhi till 1 pm.
  4. Disrespect of the national flag by using it as a festoon, rosette or bunting verticallyTotal 6789 fines have been issued the fine under this offence in New Delhi till 1 pm.
  5. Disrespect of the national flag in a damaged or soiled condition by casting it aside or disrespectfully disposed it off.8900 fines have been issued amongst the crowd outside the Red Fort in New Delhi after the Flag unfurling and PM’s speech. 790 fines have been issued in other areas of New Delhi.
  6. Illegal selling, purchasing and indulging in commercial profitable activities in trade of the National symbol.649 street children selling paper flags have been sent to a Juvenile Home in East Delhi. 1957 street vendors and 159 shops have been fined for the same.
  7. Wearing any clothing that uses Saffron, white and green combination as well as wearing the Ashoka Chakra symbol and colour combination of the Tiranga.75 fines have been issued, 433 public shaming pictures have been taken and warnings issued.

    All fines accompany a compulsory purchase of a small booklet of Rs 250 on the 2002 code of conduct while handling the national Flag also know as the Tiranga.

    All moneys collected by the fines will be donated to the National Fund for Security Services’ Widows and orphans for the purpose of education ands vocational services.

    Faking News will follow the story regarding the kitty of the fines as well as reactions tomorrow as the sting is set to go on till 16th August 6pm, especially with regards to the law that states the Flag has to be taken down before sunset and disposed in a dignified manner.

    NIP sure is nipping the disrespect for the National Symbol in the bed at a large scale for sure!