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Finance Ministry to tax likes on FB

17, Mar 2016 By khakshar

New Delhi. Much confusion and hue and cry spilled over proposal of taxing Employee Provident Fund. Three statements on a proposed tax from Finance Ministry was reported in a day. The main opposition political party interpreted the Tax as a tool to control Government Employees at first (Mr. Jha at work). The left was first to take on this new tax head on which will affect 70 lacs of elite workers. While the right wing was seen defending a new tax.

Exhibit 1 of Popularity
Exhibit 1 of Popularity

The Finance Ministry was given a jolt when Prime Minister asked to review the proposed tax . Knowing our silent but efficient moves of Prime Minister, the Finance Ministry went into hyper activity. It abolished the tax .

However knowing the Finance ministry and the the Minister’s ways of putting spoke another pinching Tax is due. To help the matters, the Media cell of the political party in power has proposed a revolutionary proposal. It will be boon as good as the ‘Tobacco Tax’. Every Finance Minister will now have two handles to operate to iron out financial issues. This will also have the social media in control. The telecommunication minister, Mr.R S Prasad has also approved in principle of the proposal without asking any one to resign.

The proposal is to put a levy of 1 Paise on every like and 1.5 Paise on every Retweet with another proposal to enhance it further when needed alike the Excise on Market linked Pricing of fuel . The Tax will be paid by the person who Post and Tweet has been liked.

The main opposition has no objection as it has very few followers left. The opposition has come from the part in power in Delhi. A spokesperson of the party has been castigating the FM without taking names (fear of another defamation suit suspected). Of course his Tweets are most popular and commented upon.