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FIITJEE ties up with Astro-joint to guarantee IIT admission or return all fee with interest

26, Jun 2014 By trishanku

In a move that should cheer up the kitty parties in all metro cities, FITJEE has announced a new programme which guarantees admission to IITs. In case the student doesn’t get admission, the entire fee paid by him/her would be returned with interest.

Aything for IIT.

This has become possible because of their tie up with Astro-joint, a leading astrological institute of the country which will analyze the horoscopes of the potential candidates to this programme and select those who, in accordance with their decade long statistical research, have more than 99% chance of clearing the two admission tests.

FITJEE revealed that they had commissioned this research in 2003 and Astro-joint has, after a comprehensive analysis of the horoscopes of the successful candidates [rank 1-550] of last ten years, developed a software based on a complex set of ‘positions of Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Moon in various constellations’ which were common to more than 99% of them.

This programme would take students from the age 5 onwards, so that their multidimensional training can begin in right earnest from class I – ‘catch them young’ as they say.

The fees will be Rs100, 000 per year in the first year and would increase at the rate of 15% every year. For admission to the ‘primary’ seven IITs the fees would be 50% higher. In the highly unlikely case of the candidate not getting admission, all the money paid by him will be returned along with the interest @ 5%.

The admissions to this programme would begin in July this year, and the parents of prospective IIT-ians have been asked to send the horoscopes of their wards along with non-refundable ‘computer analysis’ fee of Rs 10,000 and a refundable earnest money of Rs100,000.