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Fight for leader and pillion rider of "Team Cycle India" in Asiad 2014

18, Sep 2014 By khakshar

Rohtak MP Deepinder Hooda and his wife are the recommended delegate of  Cycling Federation of India to visit Incheon Asian games. Indian Olymic Association has asked 35 Federations to  nominate one delegate each for the Games. These highly skilled sports administrators will sponsored by IOA . Akhilesh Yadav has protested  as his claim on the cycle seems more than Haryana’s CM’s son. In his letter to the Sports Ministry Akhilesh has also claimed that his wife as an MP and he as a CM is more qualified.  He has also cited his fair cycle run in the bye-elections.

The Sports Ministry has not taken kindly to the Junket .It has even asked the IOA to make open it’s financial accounts. “I don’t know what the fuss is about. IOA has been sponsoring delegates for many years. This time the number is only 35. When Suresh Kalmadi was in charge, the number used to cross 100 easily,”  said a Secretary of IOA to the correspondent. “After all we spend time and money to train officials so that they can behave properly and bring laurels to India”. “The Government had no right to curtail the number of officials from 250 to 150”, he expalined.

The IOA has told the Sports Ministry that it turns an autonomous body, the moment it receives funds from Sports Ministry.

It’s also reported that Mr. Abhay Chautala , a former President of IOA  has managed to make his brother Ajay Chauthala a delegate of the new Boxing Association. A petition will be filed by IOA to release the younger Chautala from jail on parole. It’s learnt that  ICC President “Sreeni Mamu”  may also be a delegate from Chess Association . He will be campaigning for Chess to be included in next version of Asian Games. He will of course accompany his brother who is the IOA President Delegate.