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FIFA WC makes Delhi couple go for divroce

23, Jun 2014 By kaushikmishra2003

Ria Sinha ( name changed) is a software developer from New Delhi and has been married since five years to Harsh Mathur (name changed) an economics professor from the same city.

The couple has been  in a relationship since their school days and always had a good level of understanding.  If we go by one of the couple’s close friend (name not disclosed), Ria and Harsh hardly fought during their courtship days. The news of their separation has come as a shock to everyone, including Ria’s mom, who has been staying with the couple since the last two years, after the couple were blessed with a baby girl.

On our investigation, we got some inputs that could lead us to the heart of the matter. Ria, from what our investigation says, was never a football fan and hardly bothered about the game. As per Nayan (name changed), one of Ria’s colleagues-“Ria was one of those girls who was very much focused  on  work, but when it came to IPL and cricket- she was all in life. But we never expected she would show interest in FIFA.”

Reportedly, Ria had off late become a member of Women Interest Development in Football (WDIF)  community that brings together women who get repeated taunts from their boy friends or spouses for not having much idea of the game.

As per the neighbors, Ria mostly felt cornered out when she was with Harsh. Harsh, a football fanatic and a Chelsea supporter kept taunting about her minimal knowledge about the game which had led Ria into a depression during the English Premier League. Things have only worsened since then.  As per Ria’s mom, things went out of control when Ria started making new friends to pacify her depression. ” I was never in favor of Ria taking such a step, but there was  nothing in my hands”-says Ria’s mom.

“Ria has taken the right step and I feel more women should join us” -says Soma Verma, President, WDIF. As per one of WDIF recent press releases- taunts about not knowing football is no less than domestic violence. Ria’s decision of joining WDIF came as a shock to Harsh ,  and he went into a state of prolonged trauma. His condition worsened after he saw Ria actively supporting  Netherlands in one of  the recent matches. The couple were believed to have a spat after Ria opined some expert remarks about Spain’s formation against Netherlands. Riya has reportedly filed for a divorce after the incident and has relocated all the belongings of Harsh to his parent’s residence in Gurgaon.