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Feminists lambast the Indian expedition to Mars

28, Sep 2014 By bharadwaj70

A group of radical feminists severely criticized the Indian expedition to Mars, claiming that it is yet another example of the prevalent sexual discrimination in the Indian patriarchal society.

Calling the project extremely misogynistic, members of various women’s groups gathered at a local upscale bar to lodge a protest against the expedition.

Taking a serious view of the fact that the very first inter-planetary expedition by India is to the “Men’s planet” Mars and not the Women’s Venus, the spokesperson of a prominent group Nirlajja, Ms. Dhakini Purushdwesh said that this discriminatory tactic by the Hindu right-wing conservative govt led by Mr. Narendra Modi has offended the womenfolk of India.

Other concerned feminists who participated in the protest burnt an effigy of the Mars-craft. “Calling the mission MOM is like adding insult to the injury”, they claimed.