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Feminist declares she hates all men except Milind Soman, and all men except Daniel Craig are dogs

27, Jul 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Jageed, Rajasthan: Feminist, socialist, secularist and social activist Mayuri Bornali is a busy person. Every month she spends 15 days in London party circuit and rest 15 days in Jageed a small village in Rajasthan where she works on water-conservation projects working closely with some leading construction companies. We caught up with her during her brief stay at a 5 star hotel in Mumbai.

FN Reporter: Hello Ma’am

Mayuri Bornali: Namashkaar, kaise hain aap? Did I say it right in Hindi?

Reporter: Yes, I am good, and yes you said it right, but there was some accent.

“Just like I am Beauty with Brain, Milind is ‘Six Packs with Heart’. He is Handsome and Beautiful (shiny skinned) Milind Soman.”: Ms. Mayuri

Mayuri: Oh yaa, actually I have stayed in Delhi all my life but from past 3 months I have been moving between Dallas, LA, London and Capetown for my social consulting projects, hence the accent.

Reporter: Ok, no problem. Nice pendant in your neck by the way.

Mayuri: Thanks, it’s a gift … …. , oh wait a sec, you were looking at the pendant … or were you looking at something else?

Reporter: Wait what? I just looked at the pendant.

Mayuri: You don’t get any ideas mister.

Reporter: Seriously ma’am, with all due respect. …

Mayuri: Yeah yeah when you guys are caught you start talking about respect and honor. You rape women, you burn them, you torture them. For you they are nothing but a sex object, whom you can loot in everyway possible and then cast them aside like a toy. You don’t care about her feelings emotions, dreams, aspirations and … and .. oh sorry I just forgot the remaining words. I have memorized these lines a multiple times just that I forget them mid-way. But yes in a nut-shell all men disrespect all women, each one of them.

Reporter: Ma’am I assure you there is nothing like that.

Mayuri: No but all you men, you all are dogs.

Reporter: All of us? Even your father and brother?

Mayuri: No not them. They are not.

Reporter: Ok so not “all”.

Mayuri: Yes and definitely not “Daniel Craig”, he is the real man.

Reporter: He is?

Mayuri: Yeah the way he emerges out of the blue sea in those dark blue trunks and looks lovingly at Eva Green with those aquamarine eyes. Only a real man is capable of that loving gaze, full of rapture and blind love.

Reporter: Quantum of Solace.

Mayuri: Ohhh … I just slip into another plane of surreal existence when I think of Daniel. Except him, I hate all men.

Reporter: All? Again?

Mayuri: Well yeah you can exclude Milind Soman too. He is one hot bod.

Reporter: Hot bod?

Mayuri: Yeah he is a real hot body [*chews her lower lip*] .. even at this age … his toned muscles … his shiny skin .. his whole body … I just crave for his body … he is the real man … other than him I hate all men … because they all just objectify women, for them women is nothing but a hot body, a piece of meat which they crave for.

Reporter: Wow!!

Mayuri: Yes, but Milind .. oh my God. I think I need to pour myself some bourbon.

Reporter: Are you alright? You seem drowsy all of a sudden.

Mayuri: Yesss, I am, I think I need some time alone.

Reporter: Okay, I wanted to talk about some of the projects you are …

Mayuri: Later please, just leave me alone right now .. please …

Reporter: Oh ok, well I’ll take my leave then.

Mayuri: Yess Milind … yes.

Reporter: Thanks for your time.