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Female IT employees decide to wear burqa to give male employees’ eyes a break

12, Oct 2014 By गोबर जी

Bangalore: In an interesting development, female employees of an IT company decided to wear burqa on a weekday to give male employees’ eyes a break.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior executive of AngrejMyBaap Tech Solutions told us what actually triggered the event. As some companies have casual Friday policy, the HR of the company, after many negotiations, has also decided to follow the suit.

Your eyes need a break.

On following Friday, some employees complained of eye pain. At first, as usual, the cafeteria food was blamed, but on further investigation, it was identified that the real reason was the informal wear on that day!! In sleeveless kurtas, skirts and half saris, women looked so gorgeous that men could not keep their eyes away from them. It seems some employees ignored their bosses and didn’t wish them. Situation got even worse for some new joiners, passed out from IITs; it was reported that their eyes almost started bleeding but they didn’t blink for a moment.

Gauzing the severity of the incident, female employees have decided to wear burqa on one of the weekdays so that the eyes of male employees can be given rest. Company HR is quite happy with the development, as it believes that such a goodwill gesture will increase team bonding. As per sources, HR is planning to organize “Cultural Diversity” event to show the corporate world that the company is the best when it comes to inclusiveness and diversity.

Here in political landscape, secular parties are going gaga over this new ritual. While Rahul Gandhi said, the Congress govt. efforts on women empowerment were finally paying off, spokesperson of the grand secular alliance told Faking News that the company represented “the idea of India”.

On the other hand, right wing parties are keeping a close watch on the event. They are worried that the event may set a wrong trend in the IT industry and in turn can be a threat to the great Indian culture. BJP IT cell is even planning to ask Modi for a live address to IT employees on no bra day, clearly explaining about “the joy of freedom”.

Meanwhile, feminists are confused whether to wear burqa or to keep their big bindis visible to support the cause, when they call a press conference.

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