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Feeling insulted by the PM's something is "fishy" statement, fishes move away from Indian seas

04, Sep 2013 By trishanku

Fishermen all over the country — both on the east coast and the west coast –reported zero catch yesterday after spending the whole day at sea.

Shocked , they consulted a ‘reputed and genuine’ soothsayer who after meditation for two hours told them that all the fishes have taken deep offence to the statement of the PM in the parliament advising the MPs not to draw hasty conclusion that something is “fishy” about the issue of missing coal scam files.

He shared with the fishermen whatever he could hear with his supernormal powers acquired after meditation.

Queenfish: This is totally unacceptable. Every day thousands of us sacrifice our lives for the sake of hungry Indians and their Prime Minister uses our name to conceal the dishonourable activities of his government.

All the fishes surrounding her shout : Shame on such government. PM hai hai! File chor sarkar hai hai!!

The roar causes a huge way on the sea surface.

Queen fish : Don’t say PM hai hai.. We are decent creatures. …. true Martyrs of the country. It doesn’t behove us to shout invectives like parliamentarians. Howsoever he may behave , he still is our PM and today he is going to represent our country in the G 20 summit. He also has some respect…. Like true martyrs , we should demonstrate our anguish by civil disobedience for a few days and move away, far away from Indian seas.

All the fishes again shout ” Shame on the government which steals its own files” and quickly run away even farther from the shores.

The fishermen also add to the chorus: “file chor sarkar hai hai!” and dejected walk back to their homes empty handed.

FN correspondent has learnt that All India fishermen’s Congress is sending a representation to the PM to take back his ‘fishy’ comments and say , if only for their sake, a few words appreciating the selfless contribution of the fish to Indian food and economy.