Saturday, 17th March, 2018

Fear dominated due to dog

26, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

The repercussion of the PNB fraud can be seen in the banks making use of the pets like a dog to scare the customers. As is heard these days the banks are losing customers’ trust owing to numerous scams occurring in the country’s government banks, the dogs are finding a chance to frighten the customers. The banks try to position the barking dogs in the middle of its entrance. Several customers do not dare to come in the way of finding the ferocious animal. They have to think thrice before taking a step forward. It is like welcoming trouble.

Those customers showed guts in being bold before the sitting dog. A black dog on steps leading to the upper floor bank branch was bothersome for the customers. They felt every second fear of overtaking the dog. How can the humans fathom the dog’s mood? Despite the prestige of the best creature the trepidation loomed. When one customer retraced his steps at the dog being there, other customers also desisted from entering the branch.

However, the dog maintained its position on the steps as if it was guarding the branch. So the customers remembering Almighty proceeded and their ordeals seemed more like Khatro Ke Khiladi. When one customer showed courage to move on, there appeared no reason for others to follow suit. Seeing this nerve on that man’s part, the women customers also dared the act.

As soon the customer gets closer to the puffing dog, it lavished its attention on the movement and then it watched the moving customers slowly swaying its tail. The customers’ legs trembled and confidence collapsed to move forward to the bank’s main hall. No customer told of the dog in earlier days at the spot. It came to their sight only after the scam news.